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Whatever is in there, is there. :dummy:


Bad Luck, Krystal by Blue-Lightning50

To start, it doesn't even remotely look like Krystal and I've taken a detailed look. The colors aren't vibrant, the background is a gra...

These may not be the most kindred, and perhaps a bit snarky, but they are quite frank.


Availability will be spotty.
I accidentally uploaded a picture of Battletoads. Below on my profile.
And they, being the millions of healthy and sane members refuse to operate upon it.

Despite this cancer not being inoperable. I of course speak of the extremist. 

So why is it the sane millions of cells aren't deciding to get rid of this cancer that threatens to kill the whole? Why is this destructive strain allowed to produce so freely?

Christianity suffers a similar cancer in the fundamentalists, the Rapture kin, and other such ill folk. But comparatively speaking, the cancer of Christianity could be deemed mostly harmless, and what's better is dying off.

TL;DR: The religion of peace fails to keep the peace.

So the discussion point: Why are followers of Islam not doing anything about the cracked eggs?
First, allow me to state what I've already played/seen andor make suggestions to you, the viewer.

Myst Uru springs to mind. As in, its the only one of the series where you can see yourself walk. In third person, that is. First person doesn't afford you legs. The problem is, it is Myst and there are some lunar logic puzzles to solve in order to unlock all the walking grounds. Including one where you have to follow a trail of clues to know to walk away from the computer or do something else for a bit, a literal puzzle of waiting.

I'd also say Myst V, but you're chained to a stone tablet in that case, and there's an actual plot to be had. With a Time Lo- D'ni or two.

But I've been looking for a new walking simulator. Proteus is nice, but its only one little island. Endless Ocean 2 is quite nice in places that don't have sharks, eels, and other hazards, but I've already dropped countless hours into it. Problem being, that's also only on the Wii.

Minecraft is nice, but I want landscapes a bit more shapely than that, and I've been playing since Beta 1.3. To put it simply, I've seen most of what it has to offer.

Terraria's scope is too limited (And most of the world is underneath your feet), and Starbound looks to be languishing in eternal beta. Windforge isn't nice and needs loads more work such as optimization and better dungeon generation.

Fez is pretty wide open, and there is no 'villain', but the world is finite. (Yet still large) I still revisit it fairly often.

Oh, here's one! Noctis IV. Classic universe exploration sim. Not procedurally generated, but you've got an entire universe in about the size of a floppy and plenty of planets to visit. Fuel is easy to get, too. Modified versions like the old CE allow you to switch on unlimited fuel.

I thought about Eidolon after watching  Kurtjmac  play though some of it, but the status indicators would suggest that there is some kind of failure state, I'd guess. Also, there are potent dangers, and that just isn't quite the spirit of a walking sim. Like bears.

Starflight 1&2 looked to be more up my alley, except I know for a fact that Starflight 1 has a plot that you must immediately address or face a failure state, and there are many ways to die in it.

Lifeless Planet, while looking interesting, is fairly linear, and there actually is a fair plot to it, along with some restrictions. And a few scares.

Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode can be a walking simulator, provided you generate a world with lesser dangers in it, but to say that it lacks a flowery description of the flower you're looking at is an understatement. : p

So...any suggestions that aren't chained to Steam, Uplay, or any other dogged client? I see that the Humble Store has suffered significant Network Decay, but is still a somewhat valid choice.
Availability will be spotty.

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