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Welp, I've given ample warning, and my premium membership expired. That means, with deviantArt having totally failed to impress me in the year given, it is high time for me to hit the dusty trails.

I've already left journals on how to find me. So just do a by:Abstract-Mindser search in journals to find out.


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 12:03 PM

In case you haven't noticed, I've basically buggered off from this website. 

With less than a month left before deviantArt runs out of time to impress me it looks as though my deactivation is looking likely; deviantArt doesn't have much left to offer me. 

The content restrictions suck, the UI is old and crusty, the deviantArt chats are empty these days, and to put it bluntly, I think there's more yogurt than fresh milk here.

I'll be retiring from deviantArt as a whole come the time my premium membership runs out, barring some massive refresh that devantArt has been promising since I joined.

On Discord, I'm Darvond#1738.

What's Discord, you might ask? Imagine Skype, but without any of the Microsoft crap and infantile UI.

Here, read over it. You can try it before you fully sign up and it supports 2FA.

But deviantArt remains looking as ancient as ever.

For those of you who missed the announcement (which never occurred), deviantArt kitted out their support site, replacing the Zendesk backend with ???, and they replaced the ugly hospital/battleship greens with the stark white void of being unable to think of a clever metaphor.

Well, gee. I visit deviantArt pretty often, and I rarely visit the helpdesk on account of having been banned from the helpdesk for many moons on account of smacking the CEA with a verbal stick. And since I'm banned from the helpdesk, I can't make a request to the helpdesk to get unbanned from using the helpdesk.

Anywho, what's with the bankways priorities, mondhilda? :iconsenorcardgageplz:
So I have a friend, who is 15. She's in Ohio, which I realize makes things worse to start with, considering how ass backwards that state so often is.

I've tried to tell her to go reach out to resources, get help, and to get out of the situation she's in.

The thing is, she's not only attached to a younger sibling, but her parents have a thing about image (in spite of apparently being Trump voters. :shrug:), and have kept her under her thumb and blamed her for the financial problems in their lives, even though I'm certain they could work that out if they bothered to.

Her parents apparently cannot afford therapy or medication for her, due to being uninsured, even though I'm certain that the state has programs to subsidize such things. (It doesn't help that also living in their home is a mooch of a boyfriend, not hers.)

I'd be willing to take legal guardianship and pay for transport to here in sunny Pennsylvania, but that would involve legal litigation and things of that matter. 

So, anything to help?
So I was wanting to contact the developer of a Linux program (clamAV) and tell them that their documentation was out of date, confusing, and didn't really tell the user what to do after the thing was installed.

So rather than having a forum, where I could have peered into it and gleaned some information to know if they're working on said things or not, or a simple contact list...

...They have mailing lists. Now for those of you who don't remember the era of dial-up or baud, a mailing list is basically like a forum, but worse. Its an archaic byproducts of things like the Bulletin Board Systems used back in the day. Which are like internet forums, but worse.

I don't even know where I would even attempt to start. 

How would I articulate, "Hey, your documentation is out of date, (The instructions refer to a package manager which as of Fedora 22, is cadaverous) confusing, (the instructions tell you how to install, but not how to configure it), and that the overall program is archaic in configuration (You manually have to set up the configuration file yourself, there's no GUI, and the manpage is quite...verbose)" into a simplistic mailing list? That covers at least three different fields! I don't want to subscribe to a list just to tell some software devs to update their documentation! 

Now I know what you're thinking. Lots of *Nix software dates back to the 1970s! Archaic things should be expected!

This program was created in 2004. Two years before the Wii. And is maintained to this day.

I tried mailing the web team, seeing as the documentation was on the site. The web team told me to use the mailing list.

Fine, enjoy your obsolete documentation. 


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I'll think of something about myself later. >:U

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Favourite genre of music: If it lacks Lyrics, it passes. (Unless....)
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