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Whatever is in there, is there. :dummy:


Bad Luck, Krystal by Blue-Lightning50

To start, it doesn't even remotely look like Krystal and I've taken a detailed look. The colors aren't vibrant, the background is a gra...

These may not be the most kindred, and perhaps a bit snarky, but they are quite frank.


Now, for those of you with younger siblings, cousins, or whatever, you may have noticed for how cheap the Skylanders figurines are, they're actually pretty high quality, but that's because the company actually gives a crap about how they look.

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo has licensed some amazing figures from Figma and Nedroid, and with Nintendo being a company of quality products, you'd be hoping their massive 'Interactive memory card' push in Ambios would be shining quality. You'd at least hope they'd rip of Skylanders in quality, too.

Shiny like a free urine sample with every Link figurine, sure. 

Look at that. Cheap, low quality, badly molded plastic. And the poor Wii Fit trainer injured her foot before the final print, it seems. 

So the question is, compared to say Skylanders and Disney infinity, do these figurines hold up snuff? Are they up to 'Nintendo' quality, Other M and Yoshi's New Island aside?

Will you be buying them regardless of quality?

Personally? I hope they bomb like the e-Reader. Physical DLC is bad. On the other hand, Nintendo fans seem so content starved and merchandise starved, they'll latch onto the crumbs of table scraps.

Oh, and Kirby needs glasses now. 

Edit: It seems I've been misspelling it. No, I can't be bothered to correct it, because its a terrible non-indicative name anyway. I mean, what the heck is an 'Amiibo', anyway?
What really sucks is slutty costumes. 

I mean ladies get the slutty costumes designed by 50+ men in marketing who haven't gotten any in 20+ years, why can't men also get slutty costumes? 

I mean, look at this minor discrepancy.

Why can't the men have a version that's a v-neck shirt and hot short shorts?

So in gaming circles, the news is that quite simply, Game Freak reiterates that once again, they don't want your pokemon fix on the cheap, so if you wanted to play Crystal again without emulating, go screw yourself.

But more relevantly, they have stated a refusal to patch Pokemon X and Y to be matching with the new digivolutions and whatever new content to be introduced into OURASS. Despite running on the same framework and being in the same generation.

This with terrible optimization and the outright removal of the biggest feature that everyone had been dreaming of since 1996, trainer customization, this has shaped up to a rather sour reaction, especially after seeing they sucked all the life out of the tropical region that RSE had been set in. Also, you can't be black in OURASS.

I have to guess that most everyone at Game Freak practices Inemuri so hard that nobody gets any real work done. Sure, they can cobble a project together, but it'll still look bad in the end.

With Nintendo having dragged its heels into an era where patches can, have been, and readily are available, there is no reason why parity and optimized running cannot be achieved.

Sure, you might argue that X&Y were an A-TEAM game, whereas these remakes as insulting as it would be to use that word was B-TEAM, but that leaves the question as to why there wasn't any communication, code mergers, or mesh.

One year in and already they've made an entire set of expensive games obsolete.

And before you ask, you can't use the Pokemon Bank to solve this, despite it having been created to solve issues shaped like this. For "reasons". The Bank doesn't allow held items, so you'll have to smash your face to the grindstone if you want your items again.

This is in addition to the potential fact that very little may have changed about the terrible 3D engine that Game Freak made that spun down to 15 and less FPS during anything that wasn't a backdropless battle one-on-one. Also, no 3D overworld for some unexplainable reason.

Just how many features will Game Freak drop before it goes to pick one up and falls off the cliff the feature rolled off of?
So it seems that Patreon is a hot new thing for users on deviantArt to bribe users into giving laughably high amounts of money to them, to provide new content.

This is a perfectly valid method of extorting money out of your viewers if you've got no ethics; for some odd reason, I don't see many schools teaching teenagers with a libido as tall as Tokyo Skytree teaching that they may not want to charge 100 dollars a month for a single mediocre picture.

Anyway, the actual point of discussion is on the matter of fan works. From my limited understanding of copyright law, if you were to stand outside of Microsoft and try and sell a piece of paper with a Stylized 'Microsoft' on it, I'd probably be told to stop, or even arrested and fined.

The great thing about the internet is that between to consenting people, nobody gives a crap what happens, as long as there isn't harm involved.

The problem being, Patreon goes beyond monopoly money and private transactions to publicity, real money, and promise of delivery.

Pokekini page 8 Preview by Dipdoodle
But say the patreon involves something at best, legally questionable (Note: Unless otherwise noted, the female protagonists of Pokemon are still underage) and in violation on deviantArt's stances on pornograpic linking, even if the content is idiotically hidden though a laughable subscription model, IE: Paying for ponography and smut that would have been free.

I have no qualms overall, but this is the general question: Is this in deviantArt's jurisdiction to see to it that patreon links don't lead to what is obviously begging someone to pay for pornography/copyright muck, or is this something that should be taken up with patreon, so they can go on a pedobear hunt before the fuzz/lawyers show up?

Should a suggestion be made to have deviantArt add this into their clauses similar to the ones for AdCast, despite that platform being laughably useless/more dead than chat? Or should we just go about our day and laugh at people who pay for smut?
Combined questionnaire by TheMidnightWhisp and vicktoryu12, collated by Abstract-Mindser.

1. Do you admire or look up to anyone, why or why not?

I do admire a few people, and because they've indeed delighted me.

2. What was the last dream or nightmare you had?

Well, seeing as I've been watching too much Metal Gear Solid Let's Plays, I've been having dreams about that.

3. As a kid, what was your favorite game to play?

Hmm, good question. I think it was either SimEarth on the SNES or Secret of Mana.

4. Do you have a large or small family?

Small family, large extended family to one side.

5. What does the fox say?

I'd ask my grandpa if he were around. He'd probably have an amusing quip for that, he always did.

6. Why did you join deviantART?

I had art to share, like everyone.

7. What is your favorite color?

Green, the color of life.

8. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

A few days ago.

9. Almost done the questions, how are you feeling about this?

A bit mildly, I prefer clicking over typing. Still, I like questions.

10. If a tree falls down in the middle of the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Yes. You just don't hear it. PROBLEM SOLVED.

11: Favorite old book series

When I was younger, I was quite into the Animorphs books. Looking back, I'm...not really sure why?

12: Favorite new book series

I really like the 'Cat Who' mystery series of books. It involves a smalltown detective and his siamese cats. Hijinxs ensue.

13:Favorite old show

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. That's Series 1-4, before they retooled the show, brought CG in, and made things all animated. :shakestick: 

14:Favorite new show

Adventure Time.

15:Favorite FPS

I'm gonna stick with the classics. Quake, Doom, and Half-Life.

16: Favorite animal


17: Favorite color(s)

Redundant question, sorry.

18: Favorite snack food

Trail mix.

19: Old favorite movie

Just a moment, I'm having to scan Netflix and decide. Okay, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I've got fond memories of that.

20: New favorite movie

Erm, what counts as 'new'?  I pick Wall-E.

Make your own 20 questions! :8Bfist: 

ILuvShadowLink, Kim-SukLey, PixelAnnex, InfectedMuffin, SadistSkunk, YaoiMeowmaster, puccapieoxox, and uhh, Koyukuk can do this if ya'll want. By the way, I might be down on Tuesday after a tooth extraction early in the day. Or I might be even more here.

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