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Whatever is in there, is there. :dummy:


Bad Luck, Krystal by Blue-Lightning50

To start, it doesn't even remotely look like Krystal and I've taken a detailed look. The colors aren't vibrant, the background is a gra...

These may not be the most kindred, and perhaps a bit snarky, but they are quite frank.


This is a 200 dollar Android tablet with full HD display. 

This is a Nintendo 3DS XL, a 200 dollar gaming system that scrapes by at 240p.

So could anyone explain what makes the 3DS, an aged piece of hardware with the build quality and feel of a children's toy worth the same as a shiny new tablet?

Now that I've gotten the short version out of the way, here's the long winded version:

Here's the thing. You can pay 200 dollars for a fairly nice android Tablet. (Full HD and nice medium spec.) So why is it that Nintendo has the gall to charge a same 200 dollars for a device with a 240p screen, a laughably weak processor, terrible standby life, doesn't even have the means to keep time automatically, a fairly inavigable store, a laughable account system, no means of managing your device online, and a terrible disjointed social network that's more like taking a forum and giving up halfway. And no direct means of communicating with your friends VIA a messaging system.

You can't track the location, status, or even applications online on the 3DS. It doesn't have an inbuilt calculator or calendar. You have to pay for that basic function and it switches into a previous model to do these things. The 3DS doesn't have a killswitch.

So aside from the cheap stereoscopy, what really makes the 3DS worth 200 dollars for the "XL" model, when a 200 dollar android tablet trumps it in every way? Physical controls? I don't think so. Bluetooth controllers aren't exactly expensive these days.

18 bucks, actually. While normal console controllers go for what, 40-60 bucks to unobtainable if you want a spare U gamepad? And hey, if you've got a USB port to spare, this'll do you nicely too.

Unique experiences? A maybe at best. In the case of Nintendo, I can't help but casually think...'How long has this company been in the game's industry? Oh yeah, from the start.' And what percentage of their games are availed for consumers to play today without restriction?

Being generous, I'd say that within Nintendo's own doors, you're looking at around 5% of all the games they've produced in the past, counting the ones the company currently emulates. That is to say at current, the pithy offerings of NES, SNES, GB, and GBA. And Urban Champion again.

Meanwhile on Android, if you carve through the bog, and get something like Libretro's RetroArch you get entire libraries availed to you in a singular contained experience with options and experiences able to be tailored to you.with borders, savestates, custom control mapping, shaders, and more. NES, SNES, GBA, DS, the whole range of 8 and 16 bit Sega systems, GB, PSX, 2600, Quake 1, Doom, Cave Story, Wonderswan, Virtual Boy, PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket, Lynx, and a few others. And that's just on Android.

For free.
Although I might have to endure polar winters, I'm seriously thinking of exiling myself from the Bad Ole USA, having learned that the new head of the US Environmental Committee is a climate change denier. I seek unto greener pastures. Namely, Canada.

Because to be blunt, death is too good these stupid old white Republicans and their caustic beliefs. Their anti-future, status quo is 'one nation under our specific god', hypocritical beliefs.

Its nearly 4:30 in the morning, I'm angry at how idiots like this get though the joke of an electoral system the USA has, just let me have this rant before I snap.

Here's an idea. Any politician that claims to be christian must past a Biblical Literacy test in order to hold that claim. In doing so, they must understand the book fully, and be proven to follow its principles fully. Flimsy though this may be, I wouldn't be surprised if the alleged flock in Congress is really just sociopathic lunatics, the wolves of Darwin. The only thing that separates them from a National Socialist is the way they salute.

I'm done with Republicans. May death reap the GOP  swiftly and painfully.

I'm ready for a peaceful coup or a law to be passed whereupon certain positions would have certain catches. After all, working in the government isn't a privilege, right, or employment. It is servitude to the nation and the people. (And shouldn't even be paid, at that.)

Think of it this way: Do we really need the idiot behind SOPA, Lamar Smith, to be head of the Science Committee? No. He should be in a dark jail cell somewhere. Should the head of the FCC really be a cable lobbyist? Of course not. That's a clear breach of interest and he should be removed. As it stands, we need certain people away from things by force, unless they would be allowed to torch the entire nation for their own gain or spite.

What the USA does affects the rest of the world. Why can't the United Nations be allowed to intervene on some of these atrocities that the entire planet will have to suffer because of the decisions of a very small group of self centered, ill tempered old people?
So, you agree that the USA should have mandatory voting. Force 100% of the legal voting population out for a whole week of voting, with machines more carefully regulated than Las Vegas gambling machines.

Very good. But what is the penalty if someone refuses to vote?

What is the penalty if someone shows up and turns out to be a fake person?

What system should be in place to count the votes? Should the ballot be digital, paper, a horrific mixture of both?
Now, for those of you with younger siblings, cousins, or whatever, you may have noticed for how cheap the Skylanders figurines are, they're actually pretty high quality, but that's because the company actually gives a crap about how they look.

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo has licensed some amazing figures from Figma and Nedroid, and with Nintendo being a company of quality products, you'd be hoping their massive 'Interactive memory card' push in Ambios would be shining quality. You'd at least hope they'd rip of Skylanders in quality, too.

Shiny like a free urine sample with every Link figurine, sure. 

Look at that. Cheap, low quality, badly molded plastic. And the poor Wii Fit trainer injured her foot before the final print, it seems. 

So the question is, compared to say Skylanders and Disney infinity, do these figurines hold up snuff? Are they up to 'Nintendo' quality, Other M and Yoshi's New Island aside?

Will you be buying them regardless of quality?

Personally? I hope they bomb like the e-Reader. Physical DLC is bad. On the other hand, Nintendo fans seem so content starved and merchandise starved, they'll latch onto the crumbs of table scraps.

Oh, and Kirby needs glasses now. 

Edit: It seems I've been misspelling it. No, I can't be bothered to correct it, because its a terrible non-indicative name anyway. I mean, what the heck is an 'Amiibo', anyway?
What really sucks is slutty costumes. 

I mean ladies get the slutty costumes designed by 50+ men in marketing who haven't gotten any in 20+ years, why can't men also get slutty costumes? 

I mean, look at this minor discrepancy.

Why can't the men have a version that's a v-neck shirt and hot short shorts?
Combined questionnaire by TheMidnightWhisp and vicktoryu12, collated by Abstract-Mindser.

1. Do you admire or look up to anyone, why or why not?

I do admire a few people, and because they've indeed delighted me.

2. What was the last dream or nightmare you had?

Well, seeing as I've been watching too much Metal Gear Solid Let's Plays, I've been having dreams about that.

3. As a kid, what was your favorite game to play?

Hmm, good question. I think it was either SimEarth on the SNES or Secret of Mana.

4. Do you have a large or small family?

Small family, large extended family to one side.

5. What does the fox say?

I'd ask my grandpa if he were around. He'd probably have an amusing quip for that, he always did.

6. Why did you join deviantART?

I had art to share, like everyone.

7. What is your favorite color?

Green, the color of life.

8. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

A few days ago.

9. Almost done the questions, how are you feeling about this?

A bit mildly, I prefer clicking over typing. Still, I like questions.

10. If a tree falls down in the middle of the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Yes. You just don't hear it. PROBLEM SOLVED.

11: Favorite old book series

When I was younger, I was quite into the Animorphs books. Looking back, I'm...not really sure why?

12: Favorite new book series

I really like the 'Cat Who' mystery series of books. It involves a smalltown detective and his siamese cats. Hijinxs ensue.

13:Favorite old show

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. That's Series 1-4, before they retooled the show, brought CG in, and made things all animated. :shakestick: 

14:Favorite new show

Adventure Time.

15:Favorite FPS

I'm gonna stick with the classics. Quake, Doom, and Half-Life.

16: Favorite animal


17: Favorite color(s)

Redundant question, sorry.

18: Favorite snack food

Trail mix.

19: Old favorite movie

Just a moment, I'm having to scan Netflix and decide. Okay, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I've got fond memories of that.

20: New favorite movie

Erm, what counts as 'new'?  I pick Wall-E.

Make your own 20 questions! :8Bfist: 

ILuvShadowLink, Kim-SukLey, PixelAnnex, InfectedMuffin, SadistSkunk, YaoiMeowmaster, puccapieoxox, and uhh, Koyukuk can do this if ya'll want. By the way, I might be down on Tuesday after a tooth extraction early in the day. Or I might be even more here.

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